Farewell evening, Klaipėda 1958

157, Rūta Kėkštaitė-Mačiūnienė

Memory photographs from farewell parties belonged to everyday life in Soviet Lithuania in the later 1940s into the 1950s. First, the Poles left the Wilna region, then the Jews were allowed to emigrate or Israel and the Germans to Germany. In the picture, we see four women who are saying good-bye, with all of them wearing amber necklaces. Since it was not permitted to take money along, many sought to invest their money in valuables – thus the amber necklaces. 1958 was the year of the Berlin Ultimatum, a high point of the Cold War. Those participating in the farewell party were sure that they were saying good-bye for the rest of their lives. The emigration wave was stopped by the Soviet administration in the end of 1960.

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