Helmutas Arnašius with mother, aunt and grandmothers, Klaipėdos apskritis, ab.1954

71, Helmutas Arnašius

Here you see another partial family. Here, the father was a soldier in the German Army and was taken as an American prisoner of war and for political reasons did not return. The son lived with four women: his mother, the unmarried aunt, and both grandmothers. (Almost every family had an unmarried aunt living with it. The deaths of the men in the First World War meant that for this generation of women, there was a disproportionate surplus of them.)
In contrast to the women in the previous picture, the women here are wearing their hair short and to a certain extent very fashionable clothes, even though they were living in the countryside. The woman first at right, the mother of the boy was tailor and she sewed fashionable clothing for the whole family.

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