Mikužaitis family, Agluonėnai, Klaipėdos apskritis, 1947

417, Martynas Mikužaitis

A typical family from the early post war time is seen here. The photo demonstrates how incomplete these families were back then. In the front row are the mother, grandmother, and the unmarried aunt. Standing in the back row are the children. The father of this family was a soldier and had died in the war. In other families, the fathers were in political detention, prisoners of war, or had emigrated for political reasons. It is an East Prussian family in the Memel region, a strip of land which was only peripherally affected by the battles in the political underground. (For many Lithuanian families in other Lithuanian regions, the young men lived with their weapons in the forests, and the families on the farms were made up of old men, women, and children). You will also notice that the women in the first row for the most part are dressed traditionally and likewise their hairstyles. Typical for the older generation is the headscarf; mother and aunt have their hair in the traditional braids, so there were no short hair cuts.

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